Who is FS Studio

We are a custom software development company who tackles cloud, data, and mobile device challenges to consistently deliver and ship custom applications for startups and enterprise.

Do you need big brains that can solve big problems with a proven track record of delivering and shipping products?

Our team includes PhDs as well as highly skilled Software Engineers who are able to architect complex systems, big data solutions, cloud computing, and custom mobile applications via agile software development.

FS Studio has over 30 years of combined experience in the information technology field.

FS Studio has designed APIs, ported SDKs, created toolchains, optimized performance on both low level client-side applications and large server-side stacks. Synchronous networking or real-time video processing, we’ve done it.

How we do it

Rigorous process and strict application lifecycle management are how FS Studio keeps on track and ship on time. We at FS Studio are big proponents of Scrum and proper git development workflow. We work as a team, and we involve you, the product owner, in this process as much as possible to insure expectations are met and the product is a highly polished success.


Because we at FS Studio seriously LOVE what we do. We are passionate about creating high quality work and solving complex problems. This is what makes us best in our field and motivates us everyday. It is what drives us.

FS Studio Clients