XCode 4 Bug – Duplicating a Target Results in Link Error Due to Missing Paths

This should be titled, “oh XCode 4 why do you spite me so?”. What have I done to deserve being smote by XCode? I ran into an couple issues with the latest version of XCode 4 when I tried to duplicate an existing target that was linked against a bunch of 3rd party libraries. One of the annoying things I ran into is that the new target was autonamed “[projectname]…

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iPhone/iOS Video Playback Bug: No Video On Older Devices Running iOS 4.1 and Earlier

We had users reporting that the video playback wouldn’t work on their iPhones and iPods. With a testers help we found out, that the video playback in our Tricktionary iPhone app didn’t work on some iPod Touches and iPhones with 4.1 firmware (and probably older). The issue seemed also to be related to the hardware as well, for instance 2nd generation iPods would not play the video. The users were…

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First Appy Hour A Success (and a lot of fun!)

So Ben Zotto suggested having a little get together of some local San Francisco iOS and mobile app developers just to shoot-the-breeze. Super idea! Yesterday was our first soiree at Elixer in the Mission and it was great. What was so great about it? First off, it was a bunch of really nice folks who have a passion for what they’re doing. Secondly it was nice to talk to folks…

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