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We eat, sleep, and breathe code. We’ve each followed our passions to get to where we are now. This includes decades of industry experience, PhDs, national labs, hacking, and architecting. We own this space, there are few who can do what we do as well as we do it. Do you need someone to write you an image morphing library, do you need someone to help you re-design your API, how about port an SDK from Ubuntu to Windows or Mac. How about a little data science work and algorithmic design creating a “reputation engine”. Yup, we’ve done it all. These are the types of challenges that we thrive on and make other’s heads spin. There’s really no problem that we can’t handle and don’t enjoy sinking our teeth into.

Who We Are

We’re a team of technologists who love what we do. People with a passion do the finest work and that surely defines us. The changing app development landscape, with its new and emerging technologies, keeps us constantly engaged and excited. Rather then being afraid of new developments, we relish them. We thrive on the electric energy of the software development community. There are dozens of exciting things happening every day, high-contact engagement in the community, and a sense of collaboration. We love it. We also love to create beautiful and elegant products. We view ourselves as modern day craftsfolk who work in bytes instead of wood or clay.

Our Leadership

Brilliant People

Do you want to work in a stimulating collegial environment with some of the most talented developers and designers? Do you have a super power, can your mind powers move mountains with code or make people weep with your designs, then we definitely want to work with you!

Tim Martin


As the founder of the company Tim has been at the helm since it’s inception. He founded the company as the mobile boom was first taking off in earnest, one of his early clients was Ally Bank. Client relations and customer service are key values for him and this has led to extremely fruitful relationships with companies big, LeapFrog, to small, Ruckus. Under his leadership the company has doubled in growth year over year and is poised to triple it’s growth in the coming year. His previous leadership positions include serving as the CTO of Tadami. He oversaw an extremely talented team of engineers who developed a sophisticated real-time video processing framework and supporting web api.

Alex Lindblad PhD

EVP Applications Engineering

Alex Lindblad has an entrepreneurial mindset and over 14 years of experience in development for multiple platforms and hardware configurations. This includes the design and implementation of a large-scale data acquisition system, a real-time virtual reality based surgical simulation engine, control software for a nano-fabrication 3D printer and the design of multiple APIs ranging from a high performance computing modeling and simulation physics engine to an embedded gaming platform. He has extensive experience in algorithmic design and optimization for large-scale distributed computing (massively parallel), mobile video processing and embedded real-time systems.

Steve Hong

EVP Web/Network Engineering

Steve has over 15 years of experience developing web applications built on open source and Microsoft-based technologies for some of the biggest technology companies including Microsoft, Intel, and E-bay. He has extensive experience with architecting and programming against large data warehouses, OLAP cubes, as well as transactional database systems and has applied his database and application development knowledge to help businesses maximize ROI on e-commerce websites and marketing automation systems. Lately, he has been focusing on high-performance web services in the cloud that power mobile, web, social networking and ecommerce applications.


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