Tim Martin, Author at FS Studio
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Author: Tim Martin

29 Nov The Future of Play

Our Space Battle opens up a new frontier in the exploration for the most exciting interactive toys What’s the future of play? How are advances in engineering changing the world of game design and toys? In an age of touch screens, 3D graphics and augmented reality,...

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30 Jun Microsoft Hololens Unboxing!

[gallery size="medium" columns="1" ids="17443,17444,17445,17446,17447,17448,17449,17450,17451,17452,17453,17454,17455,17456,17457,17458"] Yup, the Hololens finally arrived and it was worth the wait. It doesn't have a ton of content yet, of the platforms we have so far --HTC Vive, Oculus, and Hololens--the Oculus has the most mature content and the Vive seems to...

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10 Jun Oculus Rift Unboxing

[gallery size="medium" columns="1" ids="17433,17434,17435"] Oculus has definitely taken a page out of the Apple playbook for packaging.  The box and the way the product is presented to the new buyer is impressive.  It's a great way to welcome a new user and get them acclimated to...

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