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30 Jun Microsoft Hololens Unboxing!

[gallery size="medium" columns="1" ids="17443,17444,17445,17446,17447,17448,17449,17450,17451,17452,17453,17454,17455,17456,17457,17458"] Yup, the Hololens finally arrived and it was worth the wait. It doesn't have a ton of content yet, of the platforms we have so far --HTC Vive, Oculus, and Hololens--the Oculus has the most mature content and the Vive seems to...

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10 Jun Oculus Rift Unboxing

[gallery size="medium" columns="1" ids="17433,17434,17435"] Oculus has definitely taken a page out of the Apple playbook for packaging.  The box and the way the product is presented to the new buyer is impressive.  It's a great way to welcome a new user and get them acclimated to...

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