LeapTV Featuring Computer Vision Announced By LeapFrog, A Valuable Client

LeapTV, exciting new game console is a big step forward in children’s gaming showcases our work LeapFrog is a close partner and extremely valuable customer of ours, just launched a gaming console, LeapTV, that features computer vision using a single camera.  Some of the technologies this platform highlights is virtual touch, motion tracking, and more.  The innovative use of computer vision creates an immersive gaming experience that gets kids up off the…

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How choose the right App Development Agency or Company

How to Choose the right App Development Agency to Partner with to Build your Next App San Francisco has no shortage of talented software engineers and custom mobile app development agencies to choose from, but how do you make the choice? Insert image here-of google search result screenshot If you do a search a mobile design or development company to help you build your idea into a viable product, there…

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Livescribe App and Pen is Reviewed in the New York Times

Our client’s, Livescribe, new pen and accompanying iOS software is reviewed in the New York Times.  This is very exciting since we did the wireframes and graphic design for this app:   as well as had two of our senior engineers contribute to the iOS app as well as their web app for displaying ink and audio playback.

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Computer vision and machine learning technology advances in the last year

FS Studio’s software team is obsessed with all things computer vision and more importantly its applications in mobile devices and the real world. Exciting advances have been happening over the last year with various companies utilizing Computer Vision and machine learning to develop technologies that enrich and enhance the user experience on tablet and mobile devices. Some of the new algorithms being developed to further progress computer vision capabilities are machine…

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Wearable Computing Device Software App Development

Wearable Device Software Development – Wearable Computing Android / Iphone Google and other major smartphone manufacturers such as Samsung (who already beat Google in launching their wearable sdk) are making cool wearable computing devices. As an example Google is launching in early summer the Android body wear software development kit (SDK) and the latest application programming interfaces (API) versions. Some of the cool new features include support voice commands, display…

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Apple’s forced iOS 7 update and Xcode 5 migration

iOS Developers have been receiving emails from Apple warning them of the impending forced migration to Xcode 5 and iOS7 SDK for weeks now.  Large development houses have most likely been building against and using the iOS7 SDK for months now as they push the feature set and update the look and feel of their apps.  What, however, does this forced migration mean for independent iOS developers or small to…

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Apple TV Update FINALLY bring games?

Well the day I’ve been anticipating for literally (and I use that word literally) years, may FINALLY be coming.  There’s some scuttlebutt that the next gen Apple TV and AppleTV OS will allow for games and game controllers.  This is the type of motion I think Apple needs to move on to re-energize not just the consumers, but the developer community.  Not that the Apple iOS developer community isn’t energized,…

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What Web Technology Stack to use For Developing your Web or Mobile App

The question of what technology stack to use for a new project can quickly become a religion debate.  It is not easy to find objective reviews of various options available to developers.  Here is one good objective (from what I can see) overview of the development technology options available to web developers today: http://matt.aimonetti.net/posts/2013/08/27/what-technology-should-my-startup-use/ The article will make most sense to you IF you have actually developed or at least…

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Is there more to the iPhone 5s M7 Chip then meets the eye?

So the new M7 coprocessor got us to thinking, seems like an awful lot of architecture for such a specific purpose, motion tracking.     We also couldn’t help but notice that there was no “one more thing” (the market noticed too, last look AAPL was down > 5%).  It got us to thinking, there must be more to this, there’s a few folks out there thinking the same thing.…

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Apple Having a Hard Time Turning Back on Skeuomorphic Design

Here at FS Studio, we have been playing with the latest Beta of iOS 7 and there’s a lot to like.  They are starting to tweak the design a little to combat the initial starkness of the ultra-Flat UI design direction.  The thing that jumped out at me was the re-introduction of some skeuomorphic elements.  There are some that work and some that definitely don’t work.  Personally I prefer a…

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