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25 Jul New Balance – Max Your Moves

Overview Created a motion based application and supporting web service.  The app could be updated with new activities via a web admin tool. Process The app had a number of motion based activities and challenges that would leverage the mobile device’s motion sensors. Included Facebook integration so you could...

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26 Sep Autopilot

Overview This was a very complicated iPhone app and web service that had to handle synchronous communications between drivers and riders. The web server had to be able to handle multiple concurrent active sessions from the app all posting regular location updates to the server. Process The client...

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26 Sep Tadami

Overview Created augmented reality game that allowed people to virtual “squish” mosquitos and get a video which could be shared on their social networks. Process We worked with the client and helped with the product design and ideation. We then wire-framed and designed the app and implemented. We...

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26 Sep CampusQuad

Overview We were asked to create an Android app that would mirror the iOS app and get it completed for a drop-dead launch date in a little over a month (we hit that date). Process We were charged to create an Android version of their existing iOS app...

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26 Sep Livescribe

Overview We were asked to wire-frame and provide the graphic design for their new iOS app for their marquee new hardware release. We were also asked to aid their in-house dev team with the iOS app as well as write their online HTML5 web app. We are...

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