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We are a team of experts in immersive technologies who are passionate about bringing the highest quality experiences to enterprise and Industry 4.0.  

Our mission is to help you navigate the new world of immersive technologies and properly prepare for this transition by working closely with you to make your brand relevant in a new world dominated with real-time, contextual, high-quality immersive experiences. 

Our team is made up of dreamers, thinkers, artists, and brilliant engineers who provide end-to-end services from ideation through to launch.  

Our "soft" skills include customer empathy, customer service, dedication, quality, communication, honesty, and grit. 

Our "hard" skills include computer vision, machine learning, emerging technology/demos, embedded development, custom hardware platforms, core technology, native application development for Android and iOS, Unity/Unreal development, 2D and 3D art, and product design. 
The Team
Tim Martin
Founder & CEO
Jan Iverson
Head of Studio
Bobby Carlton
XR/VR Content Manager and Business Development
Joy Macko
Marketing Director
Nick Clark
Agile Project Manager
Lloyd Moore
Principal Technical Architect
Micah Pearlman
Chief Architect
Didier Surka
Technical Art Director
Caio Viturino
Simulations Developer
Kleber Filho
Simulations Developer
Alvaro Guerra
Technical Artist & Lead 3D Artist
Victor Hugo Alvarez Benitez
XR Developer
Anabella Farroni
UX Designer
Elian Stolarsky
UX Designer
Giordano Casanova
Graphic Designer