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Develop Awesome Experiences for the Meta Quest Pro Using These Amazing Creation Tools

by Bobby Carlton and Dilmer Valecillos Unity, MRTK, Needle Tools and 8th Wall are just some of the tools you'll need to develop! The Meta Quest Pro is available now and we have already seen some very cool things being teased from developers leading up to its launch. Of course, in order to develop, you […]

To Get to Industry 4.0 Companies Will Need A Successful Power Plan

Create a roadmap to Industry 4.0 by adopting a sequence of technology upgrades while also removing outdated systems. By Bobby Carlton The rise of Industry 4.0 has created new opportunities for manufacturers to improve their efficiency and deliver new revenue streams. Through the use of advanced analytics, XR solutions and machine learning, companies are able […]

Meta Paves the Way for the Future of Work, Fun, and Inclusion

New virtual tools for the workforce, avatars, and the Meta Quest Pro Meta made some big announcements today that gave us a bigger and brighter view of their goals with XR technology. On top of new avatar technology, new tools for the virtual workspace, and their Horizon World platform opening up to be WebXR accessible, […]

Meta Interaction SDK Is Here

This Meta SDK will bring hand interactions to your XR experiences. By Dilmer Valecillos Originally posted on LearnXR.io Today I am super excited to share an announcement regarding the following new SDK which I believe will be a huge addition to anyone who wants to work with VR or Passthrough with Oculus, also be sure […]

Ready Player Me Raises $56M and Looks to Bring Representation Into the Virtual Workspace

By Bobby Carlton When it comes to creating that perfect balance of realism and cartoony avatars that can be used across multiple VR platforms, Ready Player Me is the leader. Very easy to make and only takes minutes, a Ready Player Me avatar can be personalized with clothing, fashion accessories, and even outfits from popular […]

VR Can Improve Mental Health at Home and at Work

By Bobby Carlton There is no question about it. The COVID-19 pandemic changed everything for us. This includes our personal and professional life. Though we have started to see some normalcy in our day-to-day lives, we are seeing new concerns such as an evolving COVID virus and monkeypox, which is making people and businesses rethink […]
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