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Missing Files in xCode 4.6.2 with Project Held in git Repo

Today I had a unique xCode scenario crop up that caused multiple files in my project to appear as missing (red in the project file list).  First, the scenario…the project is held in a git repo and development is done using a modified git-flow technique.  As such we are often merging feature branches in to […]

Careful with those paths in XCode

Are you getting a clang error that you can't track down?  "What the heck is 'clang: error: '-I-' not supported, please use -iquote instead'!?!"  Oh compiler gods please help this poor soul.  Well hopefully you haven't burned a day trying to solve this by tracking down project includes, compiler versions, and lord knows what else. […]

Debugging in XCode 4.3 and why member variables don't seem to resolve correctly

So you're an early adopter, good for you, although many times it can bite ya in the behind. Xcode is a fickle mistress and the latest release of Xcode 4.3 is no exception. If you're like me and you've got it installed and are cranking happily coding and debugging, you might have run into a […]

More iOS Developer Resources

When I get off my lazy butt, I'll add these to the resources page, but for now here are a list of great resources courtesy of https://www.vfr.org/ Blogs/Websites Cocoa with Love iDev Recipes Cocoanetics [iOS developer:tips]; Icons/Graphics Glyphish Icons Etc. WebTreats Etc. Icon Archive OpenClipArt PSD Graphics Code/Libraries Google Data APIs Objective-C Client Library SDURLCache […]

XCode 4.2 Beta means Beta! Having Trouble Archiving to an ipa?

Just a quick entry to remind people that XCode 4.2 is a beta product and consequently there are certain behaviors that aren't supported, including creating an ipa file archive. When you attempt to create the .ipa, you will get a "file or directory not found" error.

Branching Model That Helps Manage Your Code Using Git

We have an ongoing conversation about the best way to manage our code-base and repository in Git and have found the best solution is by using this branching structure: https://nvie.com/posts/a-successful-git-branching-model/   'develop' should always be in a compiling/working state, containing the most current completed features 'master' should contain only releases (e.g. build from here for […]
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