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XCode 4 Bug - Duplicating a Target Results in Link Error Due to Missing Paths

This should be titled, "oh XCode 4 why do you spite me so?". What have I done to deserve being smote by XCode? I ran into an couple issues with the latest version of XCode 4 when I tried to duplicate an existing target that was linked against a bunch of 3rd party libraries. One […]

iPhone/iOS Video Playback Bug: No Video On Older Devices Running iOS 4.1 and Earlier

We had users reporting that the video playback wouldn't work on their iPhones and iPods. With a testers help we found out, that the video playback in our Tricktionary iPhone app didn't work on some iPod Touches and iPhones with 4.1 firmware (and probably older). The issue seemed also to be related to the hardware […]

Cloudmade Map Integration for iPhone - Switching between a MKMapkit Map and a RMMapView

Unfortunately, Route-Me maps don't have access to the Google tiles (unless something has changed since this post). So if you want to have both Cloudmade's awesome implementation of the route-me OpenStreetMap maps and Google maps via MKMapKit, then you have to do some creative coding. The solution I came up with is to switch between […]

Finding Lost Pop-Up Dialogs When Using Mac OS X Spaces

So this post will be short and sweet. Have you ever been annoyed or flummoxed by dialog boxes that pop up for an application while you're switching between spaces in Mac OS X? For instance you're making a build, you switch spaces to one with your e-mail so you can check your e-mail. Only to […]

XCode 4 Bug Solution for Archiving Build with Static Library

So there seems to be a little bug in the latest release of XCode 4, the GM build. If you attempt to archive a build that is linked to a static library, you will run into issues. So the symptom is if you create a build and archive it, when you attempt to "share" it, […]
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