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Apple's "Reality Pro" App Will Let You Create Amazing AR Experiences Through Siri

By Bobby Carlton If rumors are correct, you'll be able to say "Hey Siri" to create an AR experience that can be used on the spot or published on their App Store and access on their Reality Pro headset and other devices. Even though Apple hasn't announced an actual mixed reality headset, the rumor mill […]

Toyota Turns to Mixed Reality and Sees Positive Results in Reducing Training Times by 50%

By Bobby Carlton Even with the news of Microsoft shutting down all mixed reality projects, employees at Toyota sees positive results using the Microsoft HoloLens 2 for training and collaboration. Even though written instructions may be precise and thorough, sometimes a professional can't master a new skill just by looking at them. This is where […]

Optimizing Robot Route Planning Using cuOpt for Isaac Sim to Improve ROI

By Bobby Carlton NVIDIA's cuOpt is a game changer executives looking to increase their investments in automation and digital technologies to improve their organizations' efficiency. During CES 2023, Nvidia unveiled some incredible new features for its Isaac Sim software that will allow researchers and developers to better train and improve AI robots for various tasks […]

CES 2023 Round Up

Even though there was hardly any mention of the word "metaverse", CES 2023 still had a big showcase of the latest AR/VR tools, XR solutions for enterprise, and how industries planned on utilizing the technology moving forward. All without using the "M" word! CES 2023 is officially over and this year we saw a big […]

You.com is a Powerful AI Search Engine that Combines Open AI's ChatGPT and Google

By Bobby Carlton Google is one of the most powerful tools on the web and now that tool is being disrupted with ChatGPT, but is there a business model behind it? Everyone seems to see how ChatGPT is disrupting the Internet and now Google is in danger of being disrupted as well. You.com is an […]

New Information Leak Says Apple's Mixed Reality Headset Will Use a Digital Crown, LiDAR, and Waist-Mounted Battery and Be Released in 2023

By Bobby Carlton Apple’s possible XR headset will let you change realities through a digital crown and will have realistic avatar XR video calls. Apple mixed reality headset rumors are swelling with a lot of experts convinced that we will finally see a mixed-reality device from the tech giants sometime in 2023. Of course it […]
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