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Quest Pro Unboxing and Impressive First Impressions

By Dilmer Valecillos and Bobby Carlton A lighter and more powerful VR headset is here, but should you get the Meta Quest Pro? We got our hands on the Meta Quest Pro, Meta's $1,500 Enterprise MR (mixed reality) headset, and over the last few days we've been testing some of the new features available such […]

HaptX G1 Gloves Deliver Incredible Lifelike Haptics

By Bobby Carlton The next generation haptic gloves from HaptX arrives. Since it launched its first product, the HaptX DK2, in January 2021, HaptX has been pushing the envelope in terms of haptic technology and how it can improve the way XR is used as an enterprise solution. Now, it's time for the public to […]

Deutsche Bahn Turns to Digital Twinning For Better Performance

By Bobby Carlton With its network perfectly synchronized with the real world, Digital Schiene Deutschland (Digital Rail for Germany, DSD) can run optimization tests and “what if” scenarios to test and validate changes in the railway system, such as reactions to unforeseen situations. The German railway company, Deutsche Bahn is building a digital twin of […]

Zuckerberg is Prepared to Lose More Money Developing the Metaverse

By Bobby Carlton Despite the concerns about the company's loss in their pursuit of the metaverse, CEO Mark Zuckerberg said he still plans on investing heavily in developing his vision. During a call with investors, which was part of Meta's third-quarter earnings report, CEO Mark Zuckerberg and other executives were asked about the company's rising […]

Develop Awesome Experiences for the Meta Quest Pro Using These Amazing Creation Tools

by Bobby Carlton and Dilmer Valecillos Unity, MRTK, Needle Tools and 8th Wall are just some of the tools you'll need to develop! The Meta Quest Pro is available now and we have already seen some very cool things being teased from developers leading up to its launch. Of course, in order to develop, you […]

Flipverse is India's Biggest e-Commerce Metaverse Experience and It Will Be Huge

By Bobby Carlton Flipkart sees Flipverse opening the door to the future of shopping. The Indian e-commerce company Flipkart has launched a new metaverse offering that will allow their consumers to shop and discover new products through a virtual experience. This is the company's latest bet on web3 offerings to improve its customer engagement. The […]
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