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Microsoft Targets ‘Industrial Metaverse’ for Positive Impact in Three Categories of Innovation

By Bobby Carlton Mercedes-Benz and Coca-Cola have partnered with Microsoft to improve their goals with consumer, commercial, and in the industrial realm. In the past year we have seen a lot of movement with brands and industries shifting towards a mission statement that embraces virtual tools and XR enterprise solutions. One company making that shift […]

Nova Orin for Autonomous Mobile Robot Innovation is NVIDIA's Powerful New Tool

By Bobby Carlton Configurable computing and sensor reference platform powered by Jetson Orin slashes development time and cost for AMR manufacturers and software vendors. Nova Orin, a reference platform for developing autonomous mobile robots, is getting updated with new features and capabilities. These include three reference platform configurations. Two use a single Jetson AGX Orin […]

Meta Paves the Way for the Future of Work, Fun, and Inclusion

New virtual tools for the workforce, avatars, and the Meta Quest Pro Meta made some big announcements today that gave us a bigger and brighter view of their goals with XR technology. On top of new avatar technology, new tools for the virtual workspace, and their Horizon World platform opening up to be WebXR accessible, […]

Meta-OLEDs Will Change the VR Experience for Better Enterprise Use

This OLED design combines multiple nanopatterned mirrors to create a single light source By Bobby Carlton Despite the excitement surrounding the coming of the metaverse, XR hardware is still far from being able to meet its full potential. One of the biggest challenges is developing better displays that can deliver more pixels per inch, but […]

The Metaverse and The Physical World Can Work Together for Business

XR solutions is changing the way we do business. By Bobby Carlton Despite the evolution of the metaverse, it is still not the end of real-world human connectivity or even physical locations. Instead, it is an opportunity for brands, industries and all types of businesses to capitalize on the potential of their locations and develop […]

This XR Space is Impressive

By Bobby Carlton The XR stage is designed to spark creativity, and lets TV and film studio unlock their ideas Part of the FS Studio team was in NYC this week to work with recruiters in multiple industries by showing them how XR technology can help them source new talent and keep employees engaged with […]
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