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Snapchat Launches Awesome New Feature That Will Let Creators Make Money

By Bobby Carlton Customers who used AR spent 20.7% more time on the app and viewed 1.28 times more products on average. Snapchat opens up the lanes of content creation with new program. Although augmented reality (AR) isn’t yet widely used, people are already used to using their phones' through things like face lenses available […]

XRAI Glass Enables Amazing AR Translation in 9 Different Languages

By Bobby Carlton XRAI Glass launches its real-time Augmented Reality closed captioning app to users globally using Nreal glasses. By utilizing AR glasses, individuals who experience hearing loss or those who are deaf can now read speech in real-time using closed captioning through AR glasses. XRAI Glass has launched a suite of solutions that allow […]

Qualcomm's AR2 Gen 1 is First Chip Built for Lightweight and Stylish AR Glasses

By Bobby Carlton This processor is divided into three co-processors. One in each arm of the glasses and a third above the bridge. During Qualcomm's annual event, the Snapdragon Summit, the company unveiled its latest technology, the AR2 Gen 1. This new platform paves the way for the next generation of AR glasses that are […]

Introducing Robotics and Automation to the Warehouse Will Improve Efficiency and Productivity

By Bobby Carlton One of the most significant benefits of automation and robotics as part of your workforce is increased efficiency. The warehouse is a critical part of the supply chain. It is the place where inventory is stored and orders are fulfilled, and in recent years, there has been a growing trend of introducing […]

Caio Viturino Talks About Robots and AI and Why It's Exciting

By Bobby Carlton Robotics, AI, and a slew of other cutting-edge technologies will re-shape our world. But how soon will that happen? Caio Viturino works here at FS Studio as a Simulations Developer and is incredibly focused and passionate about how Robotics and Artificial Intelligence will change everything from warehouse automation to having an impact […]

BMW Wants You to Drive a $63K Car While Wearing a VR Headset

By Bobby Carlton Through the M Mixed Reality initiative, BMW sets their sites on how XR technology will play a role with in-car entertainment and the rise in passenger economy. BMW has created a way for drivers to actually be behind the steering wheel of a moving vehicle while wearing a VR headset designed to […]
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