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NVIDIA GTC: New Chips, New Advances, New Cloud Services

Jens Huang talks about the future of AI, robotics, and how NVIDIA will lead the charge. By Bobby Carlton A lot was announced and I did my best to keep up! So let's just jump right in! NVIDIA CEO Jens Huang unveiled new cloud services that will allow users to run AI workflows during his […]

How XR Technology is Impacting the Commercial Aviation Industry

By Bobby Carlton The aviation industry is expected to benefit from the advancements in augmented reality (AR) and virtual reality (VR) technology, as these innovations can reduce the risk of accidents and improve the efficiency of the operations of the industry, and can create new opportunities that will impact KPIs and ROI. The aviation industry […]

Coca-Cola & Tomorrowland Launch AR Music World

Article originally published at VRScout Use musical beats to build your own virtual home in this delicious WebAR experience. Summer officially ends on September 22nd but that doesn’t mean things need to cool down. Coca-Cola and Tomorrowland are teaming up for a kickass musical augmented reality (AR) experience that has you stepping into the Coca-Cola Dreamworld universe. Dreamworld is […]

4 Big Myths About VR and AR Training: and How the Hype Cycle of Emerging Tech Can Change Them

By Bobby Carlton Technology is evolving faster than ever, so are the myths about VR and AR training. With this rapid development of technology, companies and industries are more than eager to integrate and use these technologies for product innovation, research, and development. Emerging technologies like simulation technologies, Augmented Reality (AR), Virtual Reality (VR) are […]

The AIXR VR Awards Announce Finalists for Ground Breaking Achievements in 2022

By Bobby Carlton The VR Awards has spent the last six years recognizing ground breaking achievements in immerse technology in multiple categories. Here are this years finalists of companies and their VR experiences that will help define the direction of where this type of technology will have an impact on everything from healthcare, enterprise solutions, […]

Ready Player Me Raises $56M and Looks to Bring Representation Into the Virtual Workspace

By Bobby Carlton When it comes to creating that perfect balance of realism and cartoony avatars that can be used across multiple VR platforms, Ready Player Me is the leader. Very easy to make and only takes minutes, a Ready Player Me avatar can be personalized with clothing, fashion accessories, and even outfits from popular […]
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