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Apple TV Update FINALLY bring games?

Well the day I've been anticipating for literally (and I use that word literally) years, may FINALLY be coming.  There's some scuttlebutt that the next gen Apple TV and AppleTV OS will allow for games and game controllers.  This is the type of motion I think Apple needs to move on to re-energize not just […]

What Web Technology Stack to use For Developing your Web or Mobile App

The question of what technology stack to use for a new project can quickly become a religion debate.  It is not easy to find objective reviews of various options available to developers.  Here is one good objective (from what I can see) overview of the development technology options available to web developers today: https://matt.aimonetti.net/posts/2013/08/27/what-technology-should-my-startup-use/ The […]

Paper Airplane Guy Breaks the World's Record!!!

We are SO extremely proud of John Collins, aka "The Paper Airplane Guy", on his latest victory of breaking the Guinness World's Record for longest paper airplane flight at 226 feet, 10 inches.  This blasts past the old record of 207 feet 4 inches.  John has been working hard at perfecting the plane and finding the right […]

Our Friend Rigel Stuhmiller, Talented Artist, Featured in Wired

So cool, super talented artist and designer Rigel Stuhmiller was just featured in Wired on her recently completed project for the band Cake.  Rigel's specialty is carved wood-block print style art.  The use of materials is what's really cool with this project.  Their use of natural and recycled materials gives the finished product great texture […]
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