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Our Friend Rigel Stuhmiller, Talented Artist, Featured in Wired

So cool, super talented artist and designer Rigel Stuhmiller was just featured in Wired on her recently completed project for the band Cake.  Rigel's specialty is carved wood-block print style art.  The use of materials is what's really cool with this project.  Their use of natural and recycled materials gives the finished product great texture […]

Ben Zotto of Penultimate is a Stand-up Guy

Just had a great meeting with Ben Zotto of Penultimate fame--hyperpopular iPad app that's always in the top 10. Our discussion ranged from short-term strategies for both our companies and our products, to the more casual topic of what to see in Argentina. One thing that is clear after this meeting is he's a quality […]

XCode 4 Bug Solution for Archiving Build with Static Library

So there seems to be a little bug in the latest release of XCode 4, the GM build. If you attempt to archive a build that is linked to a static library, you will run into issues. So the symptom is if you create a build and archive it, when you attempt to "share" it, […]

Transit and Trails formally announces their iPhone app

We're so proud and happy for Transit and Trails and the successful launch of their new iPhone app. They were spectacular clients and loved working with them and look forward to our continued work. The iPhone app was the result of a vision to bring their unique service of helping people get to the outdoors […]

New and improved site is now live!!

We've worked long and hard to get the new site launched and moved to the new server. We are so excited with the new site and the new look. We are busting with pride! We hope you like it, we're trying to do our part to make the internet look just a little bit more […]
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