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Why Should You Be Paying Attention to WebXR?

With the advent of immersive technologies, the landscape of next-generation technology is moving towards mixed reality technologies like Virtual Reality, Augmented Reality, shifting a significant amount of attention to WebXR. Consequently, companies and product developers are developing Augmented Reality and Virtual Reality for various platforms in different industries. One of these platforms is the web […]

How IoT is Emerging as the Force in the Consumer Economy

IoT, the Internet of Things, is a system of various computing devices or physical objects with different sensors, processing units, networking components, and other technologies, instigating the force in the consumer economy. These devices or objects connect and communicate with other devices and systems wirelessly without human intervention. Over the recent years, IoT has been […]

Reason Why Big Companies are Using AR

Augmented Reality (AR) is one of the forefront technologies that will revolutionize the landscape of the next digital era. From its first development in 1968 by computer scientist Ivan Sutherland at Harvard University, AR has come a long way due to continuous evolution and development. With the rapid growth in digital technology adoption, AR is […]

Applications of VR and AR in the Aviation Industry

VR and AR in the aviation industry hold great importance due to the advantages these technologies bring to the table at significantly reduced costs and dangers. VR and AR are two immersive technologies that are rapidly evolving and can empower and change various industries. These technologies can streamline their services & operations, enhance their capabilities […]

How We Built The 3D Model of Tesla Gigafactory

The 3D Model of a Tesla gigafactory is one of those most incredible things we built at FS Studio.   Technologies like AI, Machine Learning, Perception Engine, and Imaging systems are paradigms capable of bringing disruptive changes across a broad spectrum of industries. FS Studio uses these state-of-the-art technologies to provide various services and build incredible […]

Social Gamification, Mobile Apps, Personalization - Gamification 2021

Gamification and the power of personalization may enable new opportunities and possibilities for engagement and enhancement of processes involved to achieve different targets and goals across the social landscape and other industries. People all over the world generally accept gaming as one of the mainstream entertainment media. With games becoming more accessible, entertaining, functional, and […]
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