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How the Combination of CAD, VR, and Ultra-Fast Optimization Tools is Gamifying Product Development

The combination of CAD, VR, and ultra-fast optimization tools are all coming together in one place to create an incredible gaming experience. The world has been waiting for the next big thing since video games took off decades ago. It's finally here with developments in technology like CAD software, AR goggles, VR headsets, and ultra-fast […]

15 Ways Medical Digital Twins Will Transform Healthcare

Medical digital twins will transform healthcare and there is no doubt about that. Digital Twin can help doctors and healthcare professionals make better decisions. They can provide insights to improve patient care, reduce errors, and cut costs.  The digital twin revolution is here, and it will shake up the healthcare industry. Healthcare is a $3 […]

Is It Possible to Build Digital Twins of Humans?

Digital Twins of humans or Digital Me is one of the Hype Cycle for Emerging Technologies.  The term human digital twin may sound like a replica of the actual person. However, it's not the case.  The human digital twin is the digital version, representing the actual person in real and virtual worlds. In other words, […]

Smart Toys & Cyber Risk: Are Toys Threatening the Safety of our Kids?

Smart toys and cyber risk have become a rising concern for many. Cyber risks associated with smart toys are making children vulnerable to dangers lurking around them. Consumer Watchdog, a nonprofit advocating for consumers' rights, has urged the toy industry to ensure security before selling the toys.  Researchers have performed tests and saw that most […]

How These 6 Industries are Benefiting From the Commercial Use of Drones

Commercial use of drones involves inspection and monitoring infrastructure, equipment, pipelines, sites in industries. Drones are an economical, safe, and accessible way to take aerial photos and videos. Industries that use drones can gather and analyze data, deliver goods and inspect inaccessible areas, and so much more. Drone technology is also a valuable asset because […]

The Future Digital Twin: What Role Will Digital Twin Play in the Next Ten Years?

The future Digital Twin market holds endless potential as it's becoming a mainstream technology faster. Moreover, the COVID-19 pandemic increased the demand for factory and shop floor automation, real-time planning, and better worker augmentation. Hence, Digital Twin technology is no longer a concept but a necessary solution required for industrial growth. The fastest-growing digital twin […]
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