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Is there more to the iPhone 5s M7 Chip then meets the eye?

So the new M7 coprocessor got us to thinking, seems like an awful lot of architecture for such a specific purpose, motion tracking.     We also couldn't help but notice that there was no "one more thing" (the market noticed too, last look AAPL was down > 5%).  It got us to thinking, there […]

iCloud vs Google or Apple Against the Prevailing Winds of Web Apps

So here's a story of marketing might versus a prevailing trend. Apple is bucking against the trend to move everything to the cloud and I mean everything. Popular cloud implementation moves not just data to the cloud but also functionality. From Google docs for authoring to Pandora for music consumption. You don't just put stuff […]

Wireless Connection Speed Drop-off on Macbook Pro

This is just a short post based on my anecdotal experience with the wireless connection strength with my Macbook Pro 17". The connection strength drops off dramatically if you have the display lid closed vs open. This is especially apparent if you are at an extended range from your wireless router. I experienced drop-offs equivalent […]

First Appy Hour A Success (and a lot of fun!)

So Ben Zotto suggested having a little get together of some local San Francisco iOS and mobile app developers just to shoot-the-breeze. Super idea! Yesterday was our first soiree at Elixer in the Mission and it was great. What was so great about it? First off, it was a bunch of really nice folks who […]

Ben Zotto of Penultimate is a Stand-up Guy

Just had a great meeting with Ben Zotto of Penultimate fame--hyperpopular iPad app that's always in the top 10. Our discussion ranged from short-term strategies for both our companies and our products, to the more casual topic of what to see in Argentina. One thing that is clear after this meeting is he's a quality […]
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