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Creating a Digital Twin Forklift Sim Using LiDAR, Unity, and UX Design for Employee Training

The client needed a solution that would allow their forklift operators to learn the challenging nuances of maneuvering in their warehouse.
Learning how to drive a forklift can be very dangerous, both for the driver and other employees in the area.
Additionally, considerable resources are required to train a forklift operator. The client needed a more efficient method of training both new and experienced operators in a way that would allow them to practice and fail without real-world consequences.
FS Studio used LiDAR to create a digital twin of the client's warehouse. LiDAR captures actual environments in such great detail that they can be recreated in virtual reality and used as realistic training environments.
Our next step was building a digital simulation of the forklift control system that mirrored a real-world forklift.

We then created Unity 3D models of objects found in the warehouse that also emulated real-world physics.
The 3D virtual replica of the forklift was then combined with the 3D model of the warehouse.  Next, we created an intuitive UX interface allowing employees to navigate through the XR training with ease and understand how to start, restart, and complete training.
Working with the client’s learning managers, we designed and launched a program that ensured proper training of their forklift operators.
Through our solution, FS Studio created a safe training environment to experience operating a forklift in a warehouse without tangible hazards.

With this training, when forklift operators performed their actual job, they were less likely to make mistakes and more confident in their abilities.

  • Operators were fully engaged in their training. All of their choices and reactions were based on what they were seeing and hearing.
  • They explored multiple paths with physical and emotional engagement, leading to empathy and a feeling of risk during the simulation.
  • They felt motivated to complete tasks and avoid failure.
  • They learned tasks faster and retained more information through mental muscle memory.
To help with the client’s internal training, FS Studio worked with their teams and taught them how to use our digital twin training solution.