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Custom Datasets for Machine Learning Algorithms

Our client saw the value in machine learning and needed custom high-fidelity virtual scenes that would be used to create important datasets for machine learning algorithms.
FS Studio took unusable premade virtual assets and turned them into a library of datasets that the client could use with machine learning algorithms to give them valuable, data-rich information.
Unfortunately, the client’s premade assets were either broken or required additional work to function properly in their virtual environment, so these assets had to be modified for the client to achieve their goals.
FS Studio worked closely with the client by taking the purchased premade library assets and converting them into usable virtual assets. This allowed the client to place avatars and high-fidelity 3D models of their own hardware into the scenes.
We disassembled the premade files, using Houdini to put them back together to leverage Python scripts.

This was a high-touch process for FS Studio that showcased the incredible skills of our
art team.
Due to our work, the client gained more control over their library of scenes, allowing for increased flexibility in how they could implement them. They were able to achieve their goals with machine learning, giving them a robust dataset to train their algorithms.