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Pesticide Application Simulation

Pesticide Application Simulation
An Agricultural Automation Company
Agricultural Automation
Software Development

Our client had some ideas about how game technology could help them automate research and design of their automated pesticide spraying equipment but didn’t have the expertise in house to develop and prove them out.

They were hoping to be able to replace expensive and risky testing in the field with testing in simulations to be able to narrow down the best way to set up their spray equipment for different combinations of crops at different stages of growth,weeds of different kinds and densities. They were specifically interested in being able to generate synthetic imagery simulating what their machine vision systems would see when mounted on a pesticide sprayer boom at different heights and angles.
FS Studio not only delivered a system that
produced the desired synthetic imagery, but along the way the simulation drew interest from other groups within the company for use as a tool to visualize how the system worked for potential customers and for training on how the system worked for employees within the company. One of the bigger challenges in creating the simulation was achieving the high crop and weed densities encountered in the real world while still delivering acceptable performance and simulation fidelity. 
By using the latest DOTS (Data Oriented Technology Stack) technology from Unity technologies we were able to achieve acceptable simulation performance.

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