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Using a 3D Digital Twin to Visualize Autonomous Robotics in a Virtual Warehouse

The client saw the value of using autonomous robotics to streamline their warehouse workflow; however, they needed assistance in visualizing how robotics could not only improve workflow, but also how the robots would look in their own environment as an enterprise solution, working alongside their human employees.
The client had always relied on a traditional human workforce to operate their warehouse facilities, but they wanted to adopt robotic automation after seeing how it benefited their competitors.
For the client to truly recognize the value of this technology within their own workforce, they needed assistance in visualizing how their warehouse environment could use autonomous robotics to improve workflow, keep employees safe, and increase ROI.
FS Studio partnered with the client to create a realistic 3D digital twin of their warehouse environment, using animation to immerse the viewer into the scene.
Realistic 3D assets of products, robots, and humans helped the client visualize how autonomous robotics could assist humans to increase workflow efficiency, improve worker safety, and manage customer expectations.
Our high-fidelity solution included different scenarios, such as employees working with robots and human intervention in situations involving a broken box or an object blocking a robot.
Through our solution, the client visualized how employees would work with autonomous robotics in their own warehouse space as the robots moved packages from trucks to a conveyor belt.
The client’s stakeholders could envision how autonomous robotics would benefit workflow, employee safety, and ROI.