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We are so proud and pleased to be nominated as a Hasbro Emerging Innovator!  Coming from a company like Hasbro, that is a big coup considering all the amazing innovative technology they are playing with in their products.  Whether it is the amazing Play-Doh Touch...


...or their Joy For All


It is truly an honor to be included in such an innovative crowd at an innovative company!


We are proud and very happy to announce our strategic partnership with Frontera Studios, a high quality design studio. We have been working together most recently on the ID Analytics "My ID Alerts" iPhone and Android app. The iphone app itself extends the brand and services of ID Analytics into the Apple App Store. The app gives both subscribers and non-subscribers a very helpful tool to check their risk at becoming a victim of identity theft and fraud. For the subscriber it allows the user the ability to be able to monitor  their identity theft threat potential and gives them real time update alerts if something changes in their status.

We've worked long and hard to get the new site launched and moved to the new server. We are so excited with the new site and the new look. We are busting with pride! We hope you like it, we're trying to do our part to make the internet look just a little bit more attractive. 😉