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14 March 2011

Finding Lost Pop-Up Dialogs When Using Mac OS X Spaces

So this post will be short and sweet. Have you ever been annoyed or flummoxed by dialog boxes that pop up for an application while you’re switching between spaces in Mac OS X? For instance you’re making a build, you switch spaces to one with your e-mail so you can check your e-mail. Only to have a modal pop-up dialog appear that somehow get’s lost in the Spaces ether? You try to interact with the app that’s now modally disabled only to get that annoying system beep. Alright here’s the quick fix, simply hide the app and un-hide it. The dialog will appear, you can dismiss it, and life can go on.

Hopefully this will make life a little brighter for you and keep you from kicking the dog or scaring your cube-mates with crazed ranting. That is all, move along… 😉