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11 September 2013

Is there more to the iPhone 5s M7 Chip then meets the eye?

iphone 5

So the new M7 coprocessor got us to thinking, seems like an awful lot of architecture for such a specific purpose, motion tracking.



We also couldn’t help but notice that there was no “one more thing” (the market noticed too, last look AAPL was down > 5%).  It got us to thinking, there must be more to this, there’s a few folks out there thinking the same thing.  We do think there is a strong possibility this is more geared towards Apple’s possible new wearable gadget, iWatch.  Then that got us to thinking, Apple really needed to pull a rabbit out of it’s hat for this latest announcement.  The market was looking for reassurance that Apple still had “it”.  This would’ve have been a perfect opportunity to pull a “one last thing”.  People would have pee’d their pants in the town hall and the would be riding high right now.


That made us wonder why the iWatch wasn’t announced.  Was it because the Samsung Gear was fairly panned?  Part of that poor reception is that it was not backwards compatible and could only work with one model of phone?  Is it because Apple is still unsure of a wearable market?  One thing is sure, at some point Apple is going to have to take a leap of faith to get investors and consumer’s interest and confidence back.