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08 March 2011

Our Latest iPhone App Has Hit the App Store!

Our latest iPhone creation has been posted the Apple App Store. We did this app in collaboration with our partners at Frontera Studios. Frontera is a premier web design studio that has been a dream partner to work with. If you have any web design and implementation needs, they are your go-to company.

The app itself extends the brand and services of ID Analytics into the Apple App Store. The app provides both subscribers and non-subscribers a useful tool to check their risk at becoming a victim of identity theft and fraud. For the subscriber it allows the user to keep tabs on their identity threat and gives them up-to-the-minute alerts if something changes in their status.

For us the challenge was to create an app that interacted with the web-service API. Security was obviously of the utmost importance, so we had to make sure we ran a tight ship with this app. We were extremely pleased when our code review came back with flying colors, “If every third party dev followed procedures like this, the ‘net would be a much safer place.”

Go ahead and check it out!