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29 February 2012

Paper Airplane Guy Breaks the World’s Record!!!

We are SO extremely proud of John Collins, aka “The Paper Airplane Guy”, on his latest victory of breaking the Guinness World’s Record for longest paper airplane flight at 226 feet, 10 inches.  This blasts past the old record of 207 feet 4 inches.  John has been working hard at perfecting the plane and finding the right person to throw the plane for years and his hard work and genius paid off big time!

John is truly a rare breed,  he is like the Mozart of Paper Airplanes.  When you go over to his house, it’s filled with new paper airplane designs.  When you ask him how he does it, he simply says that he just had a bunch of designs that start flowing out of him.  He is also a rare individual in that he is geniunly nice and of good character that still has the enthusiasm of youth.

Again, congrats John, you deserve it!

To see the flight, check it out on youTube.  You can also check out his designs with our iPhone app.