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Computer Vision, Embedded
About This Project


Implemented entire vision component for new gaming platform and integrated this into their proprietary SDK and design a completely new API for their entire SDK.


The platform revolves around computer vision. Both for LED color light tracking and virtual touch/motion detection/ gesture which we provided.

This had to perform on a Cortex A9 device with a single camera.

Architected an API to allow external developers to write game titles using the Vision Libraries we wrote.

Client Feedback

David Perkinson VP of Worldwide Content at LeapFrog Enterprises

What I would point to is the fact that these platforms exist at all. The fact that LeapTV made it into the marketplace last year, with all of the functionality that we had wanted it to have, is a testament to not only their raw development ability but also the teamwork and collaboration that they bring to their projects, the level of communication that they bring to their projects. LeapTV especially was a really challenging project, and their role in it was so central to the success of the platform. The fact that it’s in the marketplace, I think, is a testament to their skills. It was an ambitious undertaking and we couldn’t have done it without them.