Android, Art, iOS, Web
About This Project


We were asked to wire-frame and provide the graphic design for their new iOS app for their marquee new hardware release. We were also asked to aid their in-house dev team with the iOS app as well as write their online HTML5 web app.

We are also providing developer support to create an Android version of their iOS app.


We handled a number of various needs for this client. The client had a hard deadline to get their latest hardware product to manufacturing with a hard release date. The first order of business was to handle the wire framing and graphic design. We went through several quick iterations of design to insure we hit on their functionality and aesthetic needs.
The client asked us to provide developers to help them implement their app. We seamlessly joined their dev team and also provided a tech lead to help oversee the development effort.

On the web app side, we developed their HTML5 web app. This app handled file I/O of a custom data file and e-ink and audio playback of “stroke” data within the datafile.