Samsung – Space Battles Toy

Computer Vision, Embedded
About This Project


Samsung asked us to make a smart toy based on their Artik platform.  We created a space ship that performed real-time image recognition.  The result was a fun little toy that a child could move around a room and have it play audio that identified either friendly or enemy ships and an accompanying SFX.  This was so successful that it was highlighted at the Korean Electronics Show.

Spacebattles is a proof of concept for Samsung to show complex computer vision for their Artik IoT Linux SoC board.  The technology that FS Studio implemented was a DeepNet using a Convolutional Neural Network (CNN).  The DeepNet was implemented as a pure CPU (no GPU) implementation in C++ and ran in realtime at approximately 20Hz.  With further optimization we believe we could have gotten an order of magnitude speed increase.