The Process

design thinking workshop product exploration document client kickoff rst draft of design client feedback second draft of design initial concept art client feedback third draft of design concept art development estimate final deliverables sprint planning development quality assurance sprint retrospective delivery W1 W2 W3 PRODUCT DISCOVERY REQUIREMENTS SPECIFICATION USER JOURNEY MAP DEVELOPMENT ESTIMATE DEVELOPMENT W0 DESIGN THINKING We work together with the client to define a down-to-earth view of the idea. The objective is to understand what the client needs and gather all the information necessary to define the requirements. We define a list of features or requirements by considering the information gathered in the previous step. We create, on a single card, a visual representation of all experiences a customer has with the product over time. This will help to (1) understand the essence of the whole experience from the users perspective and (2) confirm the clients idea of the product. We estimate the development effort needed to implement the product defined by the requirements and User Journey Map. The estimate will have to be reconsidered after the UI designs are finished. We provide a full team to support this effort, including product design/product owner, project management, technical lead developer, technical artist, concept artist, graphic designer, application engineer, backend web developer, QA, and build/release master. We will help the client give shape to their idea through a design thinking process and reflect the results on a Product Exploration Document, which will be the seed of the creation process and serve as a starting point for the design phase. a PRODUCT that needs development? an IDEA that needs design before development? an OPPORTUNITY that needs help to be understood? Do you have