robotics: using simulation to work from home

robotics: using simulation to work from home

Digital Twins to the Rescue

Some of our clients are robotics and hardware companies. They are desperately trying to keep operations going when they can’t physically come into their labs or offices. They are trying to find ways to continue working but they really need access to their robotic systems. That’s where “Digital Twins” or 3D simulation comes in. We are allowing them to continue working against their simulated platforms and they are able to continue to make forward progress.

A Case Study : Automated Forklift

Given a forklift CAD model, sensor data-sheets, and access to the warehouse architectural drawing and images, in 8 weeks FS Studio was able to provide a high fidelity environment and forklift simulation running in Unity on Linux.

We produced the following technologies:

Tools and pipeline for Import of forklift CAD models into Unity.
Rigging of Unity forklift CAD models with accurate joints, motors, masses, friction models, collisions and control systems.

Implementation of various sensors with noise models:

  • RealSense D435 RGBD camera.
  • IMU
  • Contact Sensors

Simulation of Forklift Control API. Control systems code almost exactly the same for simulation as is for In Real Life (IRL).
Accurate photogrammetry scanning of warehouse and warehouse items, such as pallets, pallet loads, etc.
Accurate physical characteristics of items in warehouse including mass, mass distribution, friction, and fast but very accurate collision models.

Results: what does this allow?

The client’s team is able to continue moving forward with their entire robotics ecosystem and code against the simulated system. That means they can keep working on the teleoperation system for remote operation of the robot, they can simulate teleoperation and train the teleoperators, they can keep working on control system validation, they can continue testing autonomous navigation, as well as implement modern development practices like continuous integration and continuous testing. They are also using the simulation to run ML processes headlessly in the cloud to train their systems.

If your robotics or hardware team is stuck at home, we can help!

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