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22 February 2011

We’re Featured in ShortForm’s Press Release for their New Embeddable Video Widget

ShortForm just announced their new embeddable widget and we’re featured in their press release for our use of their widget in our Resources page. The widget really is a cool little thing that allows you to pipe in your ShortForm channel into your site. Simply plop their iFrame widget code onto your page and you’ve got a slick little video widget.

If you’re uninitiated with ShortForm, they allow people to create their own video channels. In essence allowing you to be a VJ and create a video stream of content of your choosing. So if you love knitting, you can create a knitting channel with a collection of all the best knitting videos you’ve found. In our case we created three channels, one for iPhone, Android, and Mobile App related Buzz or hot topics. We created a developer channel which is a collection of good developer tutorials also related to iPhone and Android development. Finally we created a design channel dealing with design issues. We’ve seeded those channels with some great content, but we’ll constantly be curating the collection updating it with newer and better content as we come across it.

Thanks ShortForm for including us in your big day!