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13 January 2014

What Web Technology Stack to use For Developing your Web or Mobile App

The question of what technology stack to use for a new project can quickly become a religion debate.  It is not easy to find objective reviews of various options available to developers.  Here is one good objective (from what I can see) overview of the development technology options available to web developers today:

The article will make most sense to you IF you have actually developed or at least studied seriously the technologies mentioned.  FS Studio’s takeaway from the article (and from my own 25 years of experience) is that there is no holy grail that is best for every project and every developer.  Obviously, some technologies are more popular at any given time than others.  Some are derided as old fashioned and not hip.  Is Ruby on Rails better than ASP.NET?  If you love Ruby and don’t care about performance or multi-threading, it is a great choice.  Is ASP.NET better than RoR?  If you don’t hate working with Microsoft technologies and want better performance than RoR or Django (both of which are based on slower languages).

In the real world, what technology stack you choose to develop your application with may be 100% determined by technological merits alone.

Some non-technology factors to consider as you ponder technology options are:

  • What is the technology culture in my business area or company?
  • What talents/skills are available in my area or company?
  • What do my investors/clients favor and what will make sense for their business?

Those are important questions that need to be considered in conjunction with any discussions about technological merits of different platforms, languages, or frameworks.  For example, in the San Francisco Bay Area, where FS Studio is located, Microsoft and its technologies are very much derided, and most clients and investors tend to support open source alternatives like Ruby on Rails, PHP, Node.js, Go, or pretty much anything that is not associated with Microsoft.  This cultural attitude has impact on the types of skills that are easily available in the area, and often clients will state specifically what technologies they prefer.  Those are big factors in what technology I may want to build my next web application in.

What technology are you using to build your next application in?  Why? Do you need expert developers who have experience developing applications in a variety of programming languages? Contact us for your application development needs.