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XCode 4 Bug Solution for Archiving Build with Static Library

So there seems to be a little bug in the latest release of XCode 4, the GM build. If you attempt to archive a build that is linked to a static library, you will run into issues. So the symptom is if you create a build and archive it, when you attempt to "share" it, you won't be give the option to create a .ipa file, instead it will create a .xcarchive file. So the solution I stumbled across on the devforums was this:

1) Select my project in the file listing on the left.

2) Select my static library in the Targets section of the pane just to the right.

3) Find "Skip Install" in the Deployment section of the build settings, and change it from No to Yes



7 comments on “XCode 4 Bug Solution for Archiving Build with Static Library”

  1. Brilliant... I talk to you on the phone today and then you go and solve my issue I'm having after a random google search that pulls up your site!

    I love it!

  2. Nice! I've spent an entire afternoon trying to find out how to do this, now I feel stupid when the solution was that easy. It's a bit strange that Apple doesn't tell anyone about this either...

    1. Make sure you're using a release version of Xcode, beta versions won't archive as well. If you still have problems, you can always do a brute force method of taking your build folder (right-click on the product.app and choose "reveal in finder"), renaming the entire directory "Payload", zip it up and change the suffix to .ipa. Voila, there's your archive. Good luck!!

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