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11 April 2024

Businesses See AI Powered MetaHumans as Something More than a Video Game Asset

By Bobby Carlton
FS Studio MetaHuman

MetaHumans offer unlimited working hours and are scalable, which means they can be in several places at once. They are increasingly being perceived as more reliable than their human counterparts and industries are taking notice.

Virtual personas are vital to our digital age, as they offer various expressive and communication capabilities, and as digital experiences become more immersive and connectivity becomes more prevalent, avatars with AI will play a vital role in helping people in their daily lives from work to running to the bank, shopping, and even picking a restaurant.

With the ability to represent themselves digitally, people (and businesses) can express their emotions, convey their intentions, and interact with others in a manner that mirrors real-life conversations. This capability can enhance the quality of human interaction and make virtual tools more welcoming.

Human avatars play a vital role in enabling people to fully utilize the opportunities and experiences that digital platforms offer. Through the availability of a customizable and personalized platform, people and businesses can create their own virtual personas based on their specific attributes, cultural backgrounds, and preferences.

Overall, MetaHumans (human avatars) are a cornerstone of immersive experiences, significantly impacting how we interact, learn, and connect within virtual spaces. Their importance is likely to grow as virtual and augmented reality technologies become more integrated into daily life. – Tim Martin, CEO at FS Studio

In addition to being able to level the playing field, human avatars can also provide people with new opportunities to connect with others and collaborate. As technology continues to improve, it is important that people use their avatars to enrich their experiences and foster innovation.

Our team here at FS Studio understands how importance of  the development human avatar (MetaHuman) technology is and what it will mean for industries moving forward.

To show what is possible and to set up additional conversations on avatars, our Sr Tech Artist at FS Studio, Didier Surka used several technologies to give you an example of what can be achieved by using a tech stack that includes Unreal MetaHumans, AI-generated audio, Nvidia Audio2Face, and keyframe additional animation, to create a human avatar.

This shows how far we’ve come with creating a virtual workforce that can be used for any type of training environment, greeting your customers, delivering medical or retail information, and even be used as home companion.

The Future of Work: Harnessing the Power of Avatars

As businesses increasingly embrace virtual environments, AI, and avatar technologies will play a pivotal role in reshaping how you would engage with avatars for various purposes.

Enhanced Training Experiences: By leveraging avatars/MetaHumans, organizations can revolutionize training programs by offering immersive simulations and personalized learning experiences. Avatars can serve as interactive guides, providing real-time feedback and facilitating skill development in a dynamic and risk-free environment.

Elevated Customer Interactions: Avatars offer businesses an opportunity to enhance customer interactions through virtual agents and assistants. From virtual shopping assistants to personalized service representatives, MetaHumans can streamline customer support processes, improve accessibility, and deliver tailored experiences that resonate with users.

Optimized Sales and Workflow: Avatars are increasingly being deployed in sales and workflow optimization strategies across various industries. From virtual showroom assistants in retail to digital concierges in hospitality, MetaHumans can augment human capabilities, streamline operations, and drive efficiency in sales and service delivery.


Current Applications and Emerging Technologies

Across industries, businesses are harnessing the power of avatars to drive innovation and achieve strategic objectives. From healthcare simulations to virtual events and beyond, the adoption of avatars continues to expand, fueled by advancements in technology and evolving consumer expectations.

Healthcare Simulations: In the healthcare sector, avatars are being utilized for medical training, patient education, and therapeutic interventions. Virtual simulations enable healthcare professionals to hone their skills in a safe and controlled environment, ultimately enhancing patient care and outcomes.

Virtual Events and Experiences: With the rise of remote work and digital connectivity, virtual events and experiences have become increasingly prevalent. Avatars serve as ambassadors and hosts, facilitating networking, engagement, and collaboration in virtual environments.

Emerging Technologies: The landscape of avatar creation is constantly evolving, with emerging technologies pushing the boundaries of realism and interactivity. From AI-driven procedural generation to volumetric capture and deep learning techniques, the future holds exciting possibilities for the advancement of human avatars.

Charting the Path Forward: The Rise of Avatars

As businesses and industries embrace avatars as a means of enhancing productivity, engagement, and innovation, the adoption of this technology is poised for exponential growth. According to recent statistics, the global market for virtual avatars is projected to reach unprecedented heights in the coming years, driven by the proliferation of virtual experiences and the demand for immersive interaction.

The creation of MetaHumans represents a bigger and unavoidable step in the realm of digital interaction. By harnessing the power of advanced technologies and embracing the potential of MetaHumans, businesses can unlock new opportunities for creativity, collaboration, and connection in the ever-expanding digital landscape. As we stand on the precipice of a new era defined by virtual presence and immersive experiences, the possibilities are limited only by our imagination.

If you’d like to know more about our MetaHuman work at FS Studio, connect with Bobby Carlton using his Calendly Link or send him an email to set up a call.