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13 May 2024
OpenAI’s GPT-4o Will Revolutionize AI Voice Assistance and Beyond
By Bobby Carlton
09 May 2024
Gaussian Splatting Allows Industries to Effectively Visualize and Analyze Complex Data For Better Decision-Making and Enhanced Outcomes
By Bobby Carlton
08 May 2024
AI Agents: Navigating Innovation
By Jan Iverson
Virtually Human
07 May 2024
Optimize: Engage Visitors with Conversational AI Chatbots
By Joy Macko
30 April 2024
FS Studio Drone Hexapod Motion Platform Project Delivers Stunning 360 Visuals and Accurate Physical Simulations
By Bobby Carlton
Hexapod VR Motion Platform
29 April 2024
Researchers Develop Innovative Airborne Single-photon LiDAR System For High-Resolution 3D Imaging
By Bobby Carlton
22 April 2024
Meta Announces Meta Horizon OS Which Will Ignite Innovation and Creativity Moving Forward
By Bobby Carlton
Meta Horizon OS
17 April 2024
Virtually Human: Mobile AR Revenue Projected to Hit $21.5 Billion by 2028 
By Jan Iverson
Virtually Human
16 April 2024
Gaussian Splatting and NeRFs Excel in Scenarios Where Highest Possible Visual Fidelity in Static Setup is Desired
By Tim Martin
11 April 2024
Businesses See AI Powered MetaHumans as Something More than a Video Game Asset
By Bobby Carlton
FS Studio MetaHuman
09 April 2024
Agriculture Industry is Turning to Powerful AI and Simulation Tools to Meet Increasing Food Demands
By Bobby Carlton
FS Studio Agriculture work
08 April 2024
Two of the Biggest Retailers are Using GenAI to Improve the Shopping Experience and Provide Better Training for Employees
By Bobby Carlton
29 March 2024
Virtually Human: AI’s GPT-4 vs. Human Data Analysts – who won?
By Jan Iverson
Virtually Human
27 March 2024
FS Studio Client Agility Robotics Innovative Work Was Showcased During Nvidia GTC 2024
25 March 2024
Case Study: Independent Verification and Validation for Virgin Orbit’s Automated Flight Termination System
By Bobby Carlton
Virgin Orbit Rocket
14 March 2024
Apple Vision Pro Unlocks Health and Wellness Benefits for Doctors and Patients
By Bobby Carlton
Apple Vision Pro in healthcare
07 March 2024
GITAI Inchworm Robotic Erects a 5 Meter Communication Tower Ensuring Human Safety for Future Projects
By Bobby Carlton
05 March 2024
Home Robotics and AI for Healthcare Will Enhance Overall Quality of Life for Many
By Bobby Carlton
Home robotics
26 February 2024
AR/VR Training Gets New Life Thanks to the Apple Vision Pro
By Bobby Carlton
AR / VR Training
14 February 2024
Press Release: FS Studio and Blue Origin Collaborate to Advance Rocket Engine Technology for Pioneering Space Exploration 
By Bobby Carlton
Rocket Engine Design
13 February 2024
AI Skills Report: Aligning Investments with Workforce Readiness
By Jan Iverson
Virtually Human
22 January 2024
Retail is Phasing Out Self-Checkout and Turning to Simulation Through Nvidia Omniverse to Give Customers a Better Shopping Experience
By Bobby Carlton
15 January 2024
Wastewater Management Is Improving Thanks to AI Technology
By Bobby Carlton
AI in wastewater treatment
03 January 2024
The Smart Warehouse is Here and What Will It Mean For Industries
By Bobby Carlton
26 December 2023
Virtually Human: AI Predictions for 2024 – What’s Next on the Horizon? 
By Jan Iverson
Virtually Human