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How Did We Get To The Metaverse

The Rise of AR and VR Exploration  In 2016, we saw brands, organizations and industries explore how virtual reality (VR) and augmented reality (AR) were being used in the L&D landscape to help improve workflow. In short, companies were immersing participants in a 360° and 3D virtual worlds where they could interact within a digital environment to […]

How Is The Wireless IoT Destined to Make Factories Smarter

Wireless technology, specifically the 5G network, is on the rise in the global world today. Advances in these types of networks, like the wireless IoT destined to make factories smarter are bringing huge transformations in manufacturing industries. Many industries now have reached for predictive and prescriptive maintenance, self-healing production with almost non-existent downtime, remote-controlled processes, […]

Enabling Smarter Industrial Processes with Edge-to-Cloud Intelligence

Smart devices surround us these days. From our smartphones to smartwatches, self-driving cars to smart devices in the agriculture industries, the world is booming with smart devices everywhere. In addition, the evolution of the Internet of Things, IoT, technology is leading to the sudden rise in the number of connected smart devices with edge-to-cloud intelligence. […]

How Will AI Transform IoT Architecture?

Smart devices and sensors rapidly change our lives and industries, from healthcare facilities to automobile industries. However, the sheer amount of continuous data collection by the billions of smart devices and sensors that constitute the Internet of Things (IoT) can overwhelm the industries and businesses that rely on the traditional IoT architecture and how will […]

How mixed reality is different from VR and AR?

Immersive reality technologies take the world by storm and enlighten us about emerging things like how mixed reality is different from VR and AR. With the astounding growth of technology and science in the past decade, the rapid evolution of technologies enables science-fiction technologies from decades earlier a reality today. As a result, various emergent […]

In-Flight Peloton Classes with AR VR Could Reduce Fear of Flights

The Core Story Peloton, the fitness giant, looks to realize the enormous potential of digital technology in the aviation industry. With its partnership with Delta Air Lines, in-Flight Peloton Classes with AR VR are being planned. While Peloton already provides fitness guidance services through smartphone apps and hardware like treadmills and stationary bikes, Delta Air […]
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