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Pros & Cons of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality is an ever-growing field that is slowly changing the way certain fields work.  Pilots, doctors, construction workers and many others are already being trained using virtual reality.  And such training has shown to increase worker efficiency and decrease human error.  When people experience dangerous scenarios by seeing them first-hand instead of reading about […]

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Virtual Reality In Education

Virtual reality can enhance student learning and engagement. VR education has been shown to help inspire students worldwide to pursue paths such as science because they can get firsthand experience in it. A study by Beijing iBokan has conducted that Students have 30% better knowledge retention with VR. VR technology can also help students retain […]

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5 Benefits of Virtual Reality

Virtual reality has genuinely changed the way many industries operate. From architecture to sports, VR seems to be growing everywhere. And for a good reason, virtual reality has been able to save businesses worldwide thousands of dollars and speed up their workflow tremendously. Companies are investing more and more into virtual reality, and estimated spendings […]

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Robot Setup and Training using Augmented Reality

Summary   In this article, the team at FS Studio shares their ideas on increasing the speed and efficacy of training and implementing robots to increase workplace efficiency and productivity. This article explore possible solutions like an AR application using the Magic Leap to demonstrate the potential for using AR as a platform for setting […]

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FS Studio Recognized as a Top Developer in San Francisco by Clutch

Recently, the leading B2B ratings and reviews company Clutch announced the most highly-rated software development services companies in 5 major cities in the U.S., including San Francisco, CA. We’re excited to announce that our team at FS Studio was highlighted as a leading software developer based in SF in 4 major categories! : Top Virtual […]

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Proud New Members of the VR/AR Association

VR and AR development across multiple platforms has become a big part of our professional portfolio.  We've done VR game development with support development work for integrating specialized peripheral hardware, we've done educational VR titles, and we've done real-time computer vision marker detection and tomography for AR applications. Being a part of the VR/AW Association […]

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FS Studio is Nominated by Hasbro as Emerging Innovator!

  We are so proud and pleased to be nominated as a Hasbro Emerging Innovator!  Coming from a company like Hasbro, that is a big coup considering all the amazing innovative technology they are playing with in their products.  Whether it is the amazing Play-Doh Touch...   ...or their Joy For All   It is […]

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The Future of Play

Our Space Battle opens up a new frontier in the exploration for the most exciting interactive toys What’s the future of play? How are advances in engineering changing the world of game design and toys? In an age of touch screens, 3D graphics and augmented reality, it goes without saying that our children are already […]

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Microsoft Hololens Unboxing!

Yup, the Hololens finally arrived and it was worth the wait. It doesn't have a ton of content yet, of the platforms we have so far --HTC Vive, Oculus, and Hololens--the Oculus has the most mature content and the Vive seems to have the most by virtue of Steam. Played around with the Hololens setting […]

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Oculus Rift Unboxing

Oculus has definitely taken a page out of the Apple playbook for packaging.  The box and the way the product is presented to the new buyer is impressive.  It's a great way to welcome a new user and get them acclimated to the brand as a premium brand.  It helps you feel like you got […]

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