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The Services We Deliver 

We specialize in creating interactive and engaging software solutions that bring your ideas to life and drive your enterprise success in the era of Industry 4.0

Through our contextual 3D real-time, immersive solutions, we create visual data to produce models to advance your product and workflow, and create interactive 3D environments that can be used for training, logistics, product design, and more.  

Our Services

  • 01
    3D Simulation
    3D Real-time Simulation offers substantial benefits, including enhanced productivity and efficiency.

    • • It allows for the accurate modeling of production processes, enabling the identification and rectification of issues virtually before actual implementation, and reducing downtime and waste.

    • •This technology facilitates complex, detailed analyses, supporting optimal decision-making and improved design quality. It provides a platform for collaborative, immersive training, equipping employees with essential skills in a risk-free environment.

    • • Additionally, it supports the customization of products and services, fulfilling customer needs effectively. It is instrumental in integrating and synchronizing various industrial processes seamlessly.

    Key Technologies:
    Unity, Zero Sim, Isaac Sim, Omniverse, Unreal, + full-stack add-ons
  • 02
    Synthetic Data for AI
    Synthetic Data for AI
    Synthetic Data is crucial for Industry 4.0, offering substantial benefits like enhancing data availability and diversity without compromising privacy.

    • It enables the training and validation of more robust and versatile machine learning models, facilitating advancements in predictive maintenance, quality assurance, and manufacturing optimization.

    • By generating high-quality, varied datasets, it accelerates innovation and research, reducing reliance on real-world, potentially biased data, and mitigating overfitting risks.

    • Additionally, it supports the development of complex systems, allowing for extensive testing and validation under diverse scenarios, ultimately contributing to improved product quality, operational efficiency, and the creation of more intelligent, adaptive industrial systems.

    Key Technologies:
    Houdini, Unreal, Unity • Omniverse, + full-stack add-ons
    Synthetic Data for AI
  • 03
    Digital Twins
    Leverage our cutting-edge digital twins product line, employing full-stack, multi-engine 3D technologies, to create intelligent, dynamic replicas of your products, systems, or processes.

    • Our platform boasts an intuitive UX/UI design, enabling realistic simulations for insight, predictive analysis, and optimization, enhancing real-world implementations.

    • Experience elevated simulation and visualization, gaining profound insights into varied scenarios before actual deployment.

    • Benefit from proactive performance monitoring & predictive maintenance, reducing downtime by foreseeing potential issues.

    • Achieve unparalleled optimization & efficiency through real-time data analysis from sensors, identifying and ameliorating inefficiencies and bottlenecks, ultimately boosting your bottom line.

    Key Technologies:
    Unreal, Unity, Omniverse
  • 04
    We offer a suite of SlamBox technology that enables you to better understand and harness the physical spaces around you.  It revolutionizes the way you perceive, manage, and utilize your environment, opening up a world of possibilities for your business. 

    1. Model the Physical World & People Within it in Real-Time:
    • Ability to create an interactive digital twin, and then track things inside of it. 
    • Build a map, most likely with a mobile phone, and use any camera, such as a webcam or IP security cam, to track people, vehicles, and more, within that environment.

    2. Connect to an LLM: 
    • Seamlessly query and receive scene explanations through programmatic and natural language interactions.  

    3. Interactive Tools: 
    • Access tools within the 3D environment to perform actions like taking measurements, re-lighting, re-painting, and in-painting for further analysis and customization.  

    4. Query-Driven Exploration:
    • Ask questions or give inputs and receive real-time responses:  
    • “How many toilets are in this building?”; 
    • “What size refrigerator is in the kitchen?";  
    • “This is a restricted door that only people in red hard hats should enter, log and send an alert anytime someone passes through this door without a red hard hat, or if they pass through the door after 5 pm." 
  • 05
    AR, WebXR, and VR
    AR, WebXR, and VR are transformative technologies in Industry 4.0, enhancing interaction with the digital and physical world.

    • These technologies offer immersive training, enabling workers to acquire skills in simulated, risk-free environments, improving safety and productivity.

    • They facilitate real-time visualization and modification of designs, accelerating product development and reducing costs.

    • These technologies support remote collaboration and assistance, mitigating disruptions due to geographical constraints.

    • They aid in complex assembly and maintenance tasks through intuitive, step-by-step guidance.

    • Overall, they provide seamless, integrated experiences, fostering innovation, efficiency, and improved decision-making in industrial processes.

    Key Technologies:
    Unity, Unreal, Needle Tools, Spatial, Nvidia Litship VPS, 8th Wall, + full-stack add-ons
  • 06
    Product Design
    Our Industry 4.0 Product Design capabilities integrate AR, VR, WebXR, artificial intelligence, digital twins, 3D robotic simulation, and synthetic data into your work ecosystem to refine operations, enhance productivity, and unearth new growth avenues for your business.

    With our three-step process: Understand, Explore, and Materialize, we deliver a superior product line to meet your needs. We work in sprints to remain agile and flexible with your product goals, whether it's to train, educate, test, risk assess, and/ or create data-driven machine learning.

    • Full-cycle, product development
    • Industry-agnostic solution
    • Simplified, behavioral design
    • Prototypes & testing
    • Mapping & wireframing
    • AR, VR, WebXR
    • XR for virtual training, demos, tours, & more

    Key Technologies:
    Needle Tools, Unity, Figma, Spatial, Unreal, Nvidia Lightship VPS, 8th Wall, + full-stack add-ons
  • 07
    Facility Management
    Have project pressure? Budget-ready? FS Studio works directly with you to create and staff your facility. The whole process - from start to finish - is managed by FS Studio.

    • FS Studio can work around the constraints you would typically face to get your project up and running immediately so you can work towards setting up your operations right away.

    • We research a site that could house your facility and we can take on the task of leasing, any construction, facility set-up, and then staff the facility using FS Studio employees.

    • Staffing includes FS Studio lab managers, facility managers, automation engineers, lab technicians, XR and robotics engineers, and security.

    Key Technologies:
    Robotocists, Engineers, Unity, Nvidia Omniverse, Unreal Engine 5, Synthetic Data
  • 08
    Aerospace Engineering
    FS Studio stands out in delivering top-notch aerospace engineering solutions, leveraging extensive experience in high-fidelity simulation systems to meet the industry's diverse needs.

    • We specialize in crafting detailed design documentation, developing and testing automated testing systems, and offering robust support through debugging, diagnostics, and the qualification phase.

    • Our proficient build technicians are available for onsite work, and we provide unparalleled engineering support during each unit's lifecycle. Whether you need direct placement or remote support, FS Studio is your go-to for aerospace expertise.

    Areas of Expertise:
    Data Science and Analytics, Embedded Systems Development, Lab Technicians, Systems Engineering, Technical Writing

Our immersive software consultancy offers a range of services, which enable enterprises to leverage the power of digital twins and immersive technologies to optimize operations, enhance competitive advantage and drive success in the era of Industry 4.0. 

Tools and Skills

Our Tools and Skills 

WORDS from our Head of Studio

We manifest digital worlds through shared consciousness, utility, engine-languages, and space.

Jan Iverson
Head of Studio
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Our creative team of experts use the latest tools in immersive media production and art innovation to create AR/VR/MR experiences, digital twins and real-time, 3D AI- and robotic simulations for enterprise and industries.

From design and discovery to product design and launch, FS Studio builds solutions that drive innovation to strengthen your company's competitiveness and improve your overall performance.