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11 December 2023

Case Study: Testing Ocular Disorders with HTC Vive Pro Eye

By Bobby Carlton

FS Studio revolutionizes the approach for diagnostic approach for testing ocular disorders with HTC Vive Pro Eye.

Client Problem: 

The client, faced with the challenge of preemptive diagnosis of ocular disorders and diseases, sought an innovative solution to streamline and enhance the evaluation process for both patients and physicians. Traditional methods were often time-consuming and lacked the comprehensive insights needed for early detection and diagnosis. 

Solution by FS Studio: 

FS Studio developed an eye tracking solution consisting of two applications—one for operators and another for patients. The primary objective was to leverage cutting-edge technology to enable preemptive diagnosis through a seamless and efficient process. 

Patient Application: 

  • Patients were equipped with HTC Vive Pro Eye headsets featuring advanced eye-tracking capabilities. During test sessions, patients underwent evaluations covering eye motility, eye alignment, peripheral vision, color vision, contrast sensitivity, and pupil response. The use of virtual reality technology provided a more immersive and accurate assessment compared to traditional methods. 
  • Upon completion of the test session, a detailed PDF report containing the test results was automatically uploaded to the cloud. This streamlined data sharing and accessibility, ensuring that physicians had prompt access to comprehensive information for analysis. 

Operator Application: 

  • The operator app was designed to empower healthcare professionals by providing full control over every aspect of the test sessions. Operators could log in securely and manage the entire process, from initiating evaluations to monitoring patient responses. The intuitive interface facilitated efficient control, allowing operators to conduct assessments with precision. 

ocular disorders

Key Features: 

Virtual Reality Technology: Integration of HTC Vive Pro Eye headsets for precise eye-tracking and immersive patient evaluations. 

Comprehensive Assessments: Inclusion of tests for eye motility, alignment, peripheral vision, color vision, contrast sensitivity, and pupil response for a thorough diagnostic process. 

Cloud-Based Reporting: Automatic generation of PDF reports uploaded to the cloud, ensuring easy accessibility for physicians. 

Operator Control: An operator app that provided full control over test sessions, enhancing the efficiency of the diagnostic process. 


  • The implementation of the Twenty Twenty project by FS Studio revolutionized the diagnostic approach for ocular disorders. The innovative use of virtual reality technology and cloud-based reporting significantly improved the accuracy and speed of preemptive diagnoses. Physicians now have access to detailed reports, enabling them to make informed decisions promptly. The operator app empowers healthcare professionals, making the evaluation process more streamlined and effective. 

In conclusion, FS Studio successfully addressed the client’s need for a preemptive diagnostic solution, creating a transformative system that enhances the efficiency of ocular disorder diagnoses while providing a better experience for both patients and healthcare professionals. 

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