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11 December 2023

Case Study: Virtual Event Enhancement for Medical Industry

By Bobby Carlton

Medical experts connecting through virtual tools sets a new standard for engagement for industry.

Client Problem: 

Our client, a leading medical organization focused on fostering collaboration and innovation in work life experiences, faced the challenge of hosting engaging virtual events. Traditional online meetings were proving insufficient to facilitate meaningful connections and discussions among participants. The client approached FS Studio to create an immersive and interactive virtual event enhancement that would enable participants in the healthcare industry to connect, share, and discuss ways to improve various work-related tasks and experiences. 

Solution by FS Studio: 

FS Studio took on the challenge and designed the LDN project, a cutting-edge virtual event platform that goes beyond conventional video conferencing. The solution is a spatially immersive application that combines advanced spatial data technologies with innovative user interfaces, providing a unique and engaging experience for participants. 


User Onboarding: 

  • Participants can easily join the event by logging in and personalizing their profiles. 
  • A selfie and introduction video recording feature helps participants express their personality and make connections. 

Lobby Experience: 

  • Users enter a dynamic lobby where they can interact with other participants through video calls or enter thematic rooms for focused discussions. 
  • A Gallery Wall showcases user-generated content, fostering community engagement and reactions. 

Presentation Hall: 

  • A live presenter addresses all participants, fostering a sense of unity. 
  • Participants can request to share stories or commitments created within the application, encouraging active participation. 

Interactive Activities: 

  • Participants engage in activities set in 3D scenarios, each with multiple phases and choices. 
  • Rich media content, including images and videos, facilitates discussions and decision-making during activities. 

Special Roles UI and Controls: 

  • Specific user interfaces and controls are implemented for special roles such as presenters and facilitators. 
  • These roles enable seamless event management, interaction, and support for participants. 


FS Studio transformed virtual events into dynamic, interactive experiences that surpassed traditional online meetings. The immersive design facilitated genuine connections, productive discussions, and active participation with those in the medical industry. The 3D scenarios and multimedia content enriched the activities, making work-related dialogues engaging and insightful. The platform’s success is evident in increased participant satisfaction, fostering a sense of community and collaboration within the virtual space. 

FS Studio’s innovative approach to spatial data and event design has set a new standard for virtual engagement, offering a solution that goes beyond the limitations of traditional virtual meeting platforms. This project stands as a testament to FS Studio’s expertise in creating transformative spatial data solutions for enhanced collaboration and communication in the digital realm. 

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