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30 April 2024

FS Studio Drone Hexapod Motion Platform Project Delivers Stunning 360 Visuals and Accurate Physical Simulations

By Bobby Carlton
Hexapod VR Motion Platform

Our VR system, built with a state-of-the-art hexapod motion platform by E2M Technologies, integrates custom Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) and Unity’s powerful rendering engine to create the most immersive VR experiences possible.

Central to the HexaVR system is the hexapod motion platform from E2M Technologies. This platform consists of six electromechanical actuators that provide motion in six degrees of freedom (6DoF): pitch, yaw, roll, and three-dimensional translation (X, Y, and Z axes). The platform is engineered for high responsiveness and precision, making it ideal for simulating a wide range of motion scenarios in virtual environments. This responsiveness ensures a synchronized physical experience that aligns seamlessly with the virtual world, enhancing the realism of the VR experience.

Custom Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs)

HexaVR utilizes custom Inertial Measurement Units (IMUs) to capture accurate movement data. These units incorporate accelerometers, gyroscopes, and magnetometers to detect angular rates, acceleration, and orientation. By precisely tracking the user’s movements, these IMUs play a critical role in translating real-world motion into the virtual environment, thereby ensuring that the user’s physical actions are mirrored accurately within the VR space.

Unity as the Scene Rendering Engine

The system uses Unity for its scene rendering capabilities, which supports a vast range of VR content creation. Unity allows HexaVR to create both computer-generated and real-world integrated virtual experiences. This integration enables the system to cater to various VR applications, from gaming and entertainment to professional training simulations, by providing highly detailed and responsive visual content.

Capturing and Integrating 360 Video Data

A significant feature of HexaVR is its ability to incorporate real-world 360 video data, enhancing the VR experience with true-to-life visual inputs. The system captures high-resolution, 360-degree videos using sophisticated cameras that record comprehensive views of real-world environments. This footage is then integrated into the VR scenes rendered by Unity.

To enrich this visual data, the system synchronizes the 360 video with the motion data captured by the IMUs. This synchronization allows for a playback experience that not only visually represents the environment but also physically simulates the dynamics captured at the time of recording. Users can thus experience realistic movements and interactions as if they were truly present in the captured location. This feature is particularly beneficial for virtual tourism, remote learning, and immersive storytelling, where the authenticity of the real environment significantly enhances the user’s engagement and experience.


Comprehensive VR Experiences

Through the integration of Unity, E2M’s hexapod motion platform, custom IMUs, and real-world 360 video capture, HexaVR offers an unmatched VR experience. This system not only delivers stunning visuals and accurate physical simulations but also brings real-world environments into the virtual realm in a deeply immersive manner. Whether for entertainment, education, or professional training, HexaVR sets a new standard in virtual reality technology, providing users with a powerful tool for exploring and interacting with both imagined and real-world spaces.

If you’d like to learn more about this project or you have a project that needs this type of innovative approach. Reach out to us! Contact Bobby Carlton at or set up a free consultation call through his Calendly Link.