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30 August 2021

IoT Technology and Smart Devices for Home Automation in 2021

IoT Technology and Smart Devices for Home Automation in 2021

IoT Technology and smart devices will be the new normal in our homes as we race for Home Automation in 2021.

The internet of things is becoming more and more popular in today’s world. What does this mean for the average person? It means that you can buy a smart device to automate your home for convenience or security reasons.

As IoT technology is becoming more and more ubiquitous in our homes, it can be hard to know which devices are worth the investment.

This blog post will break down the different types of smart home devices you can invest in if you don’t own them already.

Google Home:

Google Home is an intelligent device powered by Google Assistant that will change your life. You can ask it to do things and have it control other devices in your house – all you need to say is “OK, Google.”

Google Home is a fantastic IoT device to use daily use cases like playing music, turning lights on/off, and setting reminders. In addition, the “routine” feature for your Google Home can help you perform a series of actions on a day-to-day basis.

Google Home is a bit slower than Amazon echo to accomplish tasks like switching on/off lights. But, on the other hand, Google Assistant will work better than Alexa while communicating with its human master. It is because Google Home can have regular communication with humans that Alexa lacks.

Google Home can work perfectly as your workout coach. First, you need to command, “OK, Google — talk to 5-Minute Plank”. Next, starting working out with your intelligent Google Home coach.

Google Home doesn’t have features like zomato, uber, ola, etc. So, you would miss Alexa if you are thinking of using Google Home.

However, Google Home can ideally recognize the voices of different people and provide personalized replies. It is an exciting feature that Alexa doesn’t have.

One question that I have seen people asking is, “Is Google Home safe?”

Well, Google Home is safe, but you must stay careful to ensure your privacy. For example, sometimes Google home gets activated automatically. When this happens, the smart device will start to listen to your conversations. So it would help if you kept it on mute when it is not necessary to maintain your privacy.

Smart LightsPhilips Hue:

The second step to add to your home automation is smart lighting. At present, Philips is leading the automated lighting market. Hence, going for Philips Hue would be great.

Philips Hue is easy to install, and you can integrate it with Google Home or Alexa. You can control it from remote locations. You have to install a hub, plug it in with your router, and download the app on your phone to do it.

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 The app does a decent job of controlling the bulbs. It also has features like grouping lights into rooms and set time schedules. For instance, you can program it to illuminate 25% brightness at 5:30 pm every day.

Additionally, the app can track your location to switch on or off the lights. For example, when you are away, it turns off the lights. When you are near your doorstep, it switches on the lights.

Philips Hue bright lighting comes with a wide range of bulbs to bring sparkling brightness to your home. The available smart lights available at Philips are:

  • LED table and floor lamps,
  • Wall lights both for inside and outdoors,
  • Ceiling pendants and light strips
  • Lightbars

All the smart light types are responsive and attractive in colors and effects.

IoT Technology and Smart Devices for Home Automation in 2021

Smart LocksAugust Smart Lock Pro:

When you are going for full-fledged automation, why should you stick to your old locks?

The best smart lock to use at present is August Smart Lock Pro. It’s easy to install and comes with a lot of features. You can even integrate it with Google Assistant and Alexa.

The most significant benefit of the August smart lock is that it will fit into your old lock so that your landlord won’t complain. Yet, you can get all the benefits of the smart lock.

The smart lock is responsive and ensures the highest protection for your home. No stranger can bypass it anyway. Multiple users can have access to multiple digital keys. You will be informed each time a person gets in or out of your home.

Additionally, the door will open when you are at your doorstep. It will also alert you if you don’t lock your home correctly.

It can be expensive for some people but worth investing in if you are looking for an excellent solution for your home.

Smart plug – Eve Energy:

Eve Energy smart plugs are not only intelligent, and they give you control over exactly where and when electrical devices plugin.

Eve Energy’s smart plug is a must for any home with energy sensitives. It tracks your energy consumption and adjusts power as needed; all without the user having to do anything more than use their devices!

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The smart plug will alert you on how much powering specific devices in your home will cost. It will help you to save money if you are more energy conscious compared to other people.

The smart plug won’t work with Alexa or Google Assistant but will work with Home Kit. It will also require a Home Pod or Apple TV to control it away from home.

Smart vacuum – Eufy RoboVac 15C:

A house that’s perfect doesn’t need a new vacuum. But, if you want one anyway, then get the Eufy intelligent 15C RoboVac vacuum!

You’ll never have to clean your home manually when you have this vacuum. In addition, it can avoid ledges itself and will warn you anytime it gets stuck in an area.

With Eufy RoboVac, you can now sit back and relax as this intelligent robot vacuum cleans up whatever has you drop on your floor. The sleek design will not be an eyesore in any room of your house while cleaning up dust and dirt with spinning brushes that suck up loose wires.

Smart thermostatNest Learning Thermostat:

Nest is one of the first companies to add machine learning to heating and cooling your home. They are so unique that we think they’re the best smart thermostat you can buy right now!

It’s simple, elegant, and intelligently adjusts our schedule based on how long it takes for us to heat up or cool down – this saves energy in addition to saving money.

IoT Technology and Smart Devices for Home Automation in 2021

Smart garden – Click and Grow Smart Garden 3:

Grow a garden in any season with the Click and Grow Smart Garden 3, your indoor herb nursery. The energy-efficient LED grow light ensures your plants get the perfect amount of light and thrive no matter the weather.

For your new herb garden starter kit, you can start with over 50 plant pods like cilantro, basil, lavender, wild strawberries, thyme, and even chili peppers.

Growing fresh herbs and vegetables indoors has never been easier than with Click & Grow Smart Garden 3. It makes an excellent birthday present or a great gift for your friend who’s trying to get started growing their food.

With this smart garden, you don’t need to worry about nutrients and oxygen at the root level. Instead, click & Grow has a companion app to help you become plant experts with tips and hacks. The smart garden also comes with a water float indicator to help you monitor the water level.


The internet of things is a fascinating technology that has the potential to change our lives in ways we can’t even imagine.

But as with any innovation, it’s essential not to be taken in by every buzzword and marketing gimmick. Instead, take time researching what kind of devices would best suit your needs before you make a purchase.

While some people might want smart locks or refrigerators for convenience sake, others may need security cameras or sensors for their home automation system.

 No two homes are identical, so there isn’t a one-size-fits-all solution when it comes to IoT tech!

Which do you think will work best for your family?