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07 October 2022

Meta Interaction SDK Is Here

Meta Quest Handtracking

This Meta SDK will bring hand interactions to your XR experiences.

By Dilmer Valecillos

Originally posted on

Today I am super excited to share an announcement regarding the following new SDK which I believe will be a huge addition to anyone who wants to work with VR or Passthrough with Oculus, also be sure to watch THIS HAND INTERACTION SDK VIDEO and trust me that it will be worth your time.

The Oculus Interaction SDK is a hands and controllers interaction components library which provides very realistic interactions and allows to easily use prefabs when building games or apps for virtual reality with and without Passthrough features.

‪ To get started with the Interaction SDK be sure to check out this document with requirements and download links:

The PokeExamples scene showcases the PokeInteractor on various surfaces with touch limiting

The following sample scenes are available in the Interaction SDK:

Basic Grab scene which showcases a scene with the HandGrabInteractor

Complex grab scene which showcases a scene with the simpler GrabInteractor but with the addition of Physics, Transforms and Constraints on objects.

Basic Ray scene which showcases ray interactions with Unity canvas.

Basic Poke scene which showcases UI interactions such as buttons, scrollable areas, and box-based proximity fields.

Basic Pose detection scene which demonstrates pose detection for several common hand poses such as Thumbs Up, Thumbs Down, Rock, Paper, Scissors, and Stop

Let me know if you have any questions after watching this announcement and know that I will personally be covering every single feature available in the SDK and I am working closely with Oculus to make sure I have all the info I need for future videos.

This new announcement and video series also contains source code examples which you can access from GitHub today.

Thanks everyone and enjoy it 🙂 time to play with XR !