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14 February 2024

Press Release: FS Studio and Blue Origin Collaborate to Advance Rocket Engine Technology for Pioneering Space Exploration 

By Bobby Carlton
Rocket Engine Design

FS Studio is thrilled to announce a groundbreaking collaboration with Blue Origin, a leader in the field of aerospace innovation, aimed at propelling the future of rocket engine design to unprecedented heights. This exciting venture is poised to revolutionize space exploration and enable missions to planetary bodies beyond Earth. 

The partnership between FS Studio and Blue Origin represents a remarkable step forward in the quest for cutting-edge rocket engine technology. Through our dedicated efforts, Blue Origin will gain the ability to delve deeper into the cosmos, opening up new frontiers that were once considered beyond reach. 

“FS Studio excels at providing companies with very senior, high quality engineering resources. When building rocket engines such as for Blue Origin / Blue Engines, this level of background is essential in assuring mission safety and success,” said Lloyd Moore Software Engineer at Blue Origin. “The future of all aerospace companies relies on their ability to launch successfully launch payloads in a timely and cost effective manner.” 

Blue Origin

Our shared commitment to innovation and exploration is set to shape the trajectory of rocket engine development, expanding upon Blue Origin’s existing suite of propulsion systems, including the BE-3U, BE-3PM, and BE-4 engines, and will help define the development of Blue Origin’s latest BE-7 engine.  

The high specific impulse, deep throttling and restart capabilities of the BE-7 make the engine ideal for large lunar payload transport, while enabling Blue Moon’s oxygen/hydrogen fuel cell power system.

“The BE-7, a turbomachinery-based engine using the most efficient propellants, is optimal for deep-space maneuvers and landing on the Moon,” said Brent Sherwood, vice president, Advanced Development Programs, Blue Origin in a recent Blue Origin press release.

“Our engine test series is steadily maturing what’s needed to get Americans safely on the lunar surface as soon as possible. We are positioning to use the Moon’s ice resources for rocket propellant, which will make exploration sustainable and open the Moon for commerce.”

Developed privately over several years, the BE-7 is the latest high-performance engine in the Blue Origin family, building upon the demonstrated success of the BE-3 PM hydrogen/oxygen engine that powers the New Shepard vehicle.

This collaboration between FS Studio and Blue Origin represents a thrilling chapter in the story of aerospace advancement, and FS Studio is honored to be at the forefront of this exciting endeavor. 

Stay tuned for updates on this extraordinary partnership as we continue to work hand in hand with Blue Origin, forging a path toward a bold and limitless future in space exploration. 

For media inquiries, please contact: 

Joy Macko, Head of Marketing at FS Studio 

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